Are You Still Boiling Out Your Fryer? Why You Should Stop Today.

Are You Still Boiling Out Your Fryer? Why You Should Stop Today.


Walk into a restaurant kitchen in America and chances are you’ll find a commercial deep fryer.  If you’re like the majority of restaurants, your fryer is one of the most used pieces of cooking equipment in your kitchen, churning out everything from fries and onion rings to chicken, fish, and maybe even deep fried pickles.

As such, it requires frequent cleaning. As you know, deep fryers use oil- and a lot of it. As that oil cooks, a filmy residue forms on the sides and the bottom of the fryer. The residue remains there until the cleaning process occurs, which all too often, isn’t frequently enough.

The boil-out method of cleaning the fryer is still one of the most popular, probably because it’s what you were taught as the “right” way to clean your fryer. While you or your staff may see it as the quickest and easiest way, there are inherent dangers in this process that are not widely known or discussed.

Potential for Injury

The process of boiling-out a deep fryer requires you to place a pot of boiling water directly into a fryer that contains a significant amount of grease. Once that hot water hits the pockets of grease inside the fryer, a steam explosion occurs, sending droplets of grease into the air. Those grease droplets can land on your skin, causing sometimes serious burns. A grease burn is hard to treat as the grease sits on the skin, which often results in infection and skin disfiguration. Burns also mean workers comp claims, missed time, and medical expenses.

Impact on Food Quality and Kitchen Environment

Each time the deep fryer uses hot cooking oil for a food item, residual oil in the grease from previous use releases particles into the food, reducing its quality. Attempting to remove this residual grease build up with hot water results in grease droplets escaping in the steam that the hot water creates. Those droplets land on the countertop, the stovetop or onto the floor. Now your restaurant kitchen has become an unsafe work environment.

Grease residue also builds up on the cooking utensils that you place into the deep fryer. When left unclean, the residue becomes thicker and thicker, which increases the potential for a grease fire to take place each time you place that utensil into the deep fryer. Grease is thicker than water so any attempt you make to clean these items with hot water will be ineffective. Grease does not evaporate, which means that residue will remain on your utensils for an extensive amount of time if not properly cleaned.

Bad for the Fryer

Boiling out your fryer is bad for the fryer. It puts a lot of stress on the pot and can actually cause the pot to crack. Small cracks in a fryer pot may often go unnoticed, leaving a greater potential for further risk, injury, cost, and mess. Fryer grease will leak through cracks and cause further damage to the fryer.


The Solution

There are better ways to clean your fryer. Ideally, hiring a professional would be the best way to ensure your fryer is being properly cleaned. It also eliminates risk of injury to you or your staff in the process.

If you’re insistent on doing it yourself, try this method:

Instead of using a boil-out technique to clean out your deep fryer, try to use a mixture of one-half cup of white vinegar and warm water. Place that mixture inside your fryer and let it sit for approximately five minutes. Then use a restaurant grade brush to scrub the fryer clean. It may take longer than a boil-out cleaning but your kitchen will be a safer place as a result.

If you’re tired of cleaning your fryer, getting burned, and increasing your risk of damage to your fryer, contact us today and let us show you how we can make your restaurant’s fryer look like this:


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