The Best Cooking Oil Doesn’t Come in a Jug

The Best Cooking Oil Doesn’t Come in a Jug

If you’re looking for inventive ways to cut down on your budgetary line items, consider bulk purchasing for non-perishable items. Did you know that things like cooking oil can be purchased and disposed of in bulk? Keep reading to learn why the best cooking oil doesn’t come in a jug.

Buying in Bulk Cuts Down on Your Bottom Line

Any successful restauranteur knows that the best way to cut down on costs is to deal in bulk. For example, if you know that a seasonal menu item requires a specific ingredient and that it’s a big hit with the regulars for St. Patrick’s Day, you’ll likely stock up before the holiday to prepare. And while this is a regular practice for ingredient items, there are a few items you may not have considered as bulk items.

Many restaurant managers don’t realize that cooking oil can be purchased and disposed of in bulk. In fact, some of the best cooking oil is the kind that you don’t have to worry about when you’re finished with it. Not only can purchasing commercial cooking oil in bulk save you the hassle of ordering so often, but it can also help you cut down on costs overall, since buying in bulk is often cheaper.

The Environmental Effects of Buying in Bulk

In addition to being a financially responsible option, buying and disposing of commercial cooking oil in bulk is also an environmentally friendly option. Cooking oil comes in small jugs, but it also comes in bulk containers. With a bulk oil containment system, you could cut down on all of the oil containers, the grease dumpster and save the environment one jug at a time.

But how exactly does that work? Think of it this way: If you wanted to cut down on drinking single-serve bottled water, you could install a water filtration system in your home. This would mean you could simply drink the water in a reusable cup or bottle and store the filtered water in the system. Using a bulk oil containment system works the same way.

The Best Cooking Oil Comes (and Goes) in Bulk

If you’re the purchasing decision maker at your restaurant, you understand the weight of making a big change in the way you do your everyday business. Buying cooking oil in bulk can save you money and it can help your company be more environmentally friendly. And while that may not be the most important factor to you, it may be a great selling feature for your customers.

By switching out your regular by-the-jug purchases of commercial cooking oil and frying oil and switching to a bulk oil containment system, you could get rid of your grease dumpster, cut down on your operating costs, and avoid dealing with commercial oil disposal ever again.

Learn How to Go Green by Buying in Bulk

At Advanced Fryer Solutions, we want to partner with you to make your business more environmentally friendly. And we want to help you lower the costs of doing business in a time of economic uncertainty. Find out if a bulk oil containment system is the right solution for your restaurant by contacting us today.


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