The Best and Worst Fried Foods from a Commercial Deep Fryer

The Best and Worst Fried Foods from a Commercial Deep Fryer

If you’ve ever sat down with a plate of fried chicken from a little hole-in-the-wall restaurant in the south, then you know the value of a chef with a good commercial deep fryer. Between fried pickles and fried mozzarella sticks, there’s a lot to be said about the wondrous ability of fryer oil to transform your favorite foods into something spectacular.

So here’s a list of the best and worst fried foods from a commercial deep fryer.

Fried Foods You Will Fall in Love With

If you need a little inspiration in your restaurant for fried foods to add to your regular menu, all you need to do is visit a local state fair to see what the kids are frying these days. You’ll find everything from fried corn dogs to fried fish. Here are a few of the best fried foods from around the country.

Deep Fried Turkey

A staple for the Southern household is a pre-purchased Deep Fried Turkey that comes wrapped up in foil and stays hot for at least a full 24-hours. This method of frying probably isn’t safe for home, but definitely belongs in the hands of a chef with a commercial deep fryer. It’s a hit for sure with the customer’s thanks to its crispy exterior and full-flavored meat.

Fried Arancini

While it may translate from Italian to “little oranges,” the little balls of joy are not a fried fruit. Instead, they’re balls of risotto that are deep fried to an orangey perfection and served up as an appetizer for the adventurous eater. Traditionally filled with meat ragu tomato sauce and served with marinara sauce for dipping, it’s a great starter dish.

You Put WHAT?! in the Deep Fryer?

No matter where you go where there’s a commercial deep fryer and a curious cook, you’ll find something super weird being served up at state fairs as well. And we’ve seen some of the weirdest things being thrown in the best cooking oil. Here are a few of the weirdest fried foods from around the US.

Fried Butter

First, it has to be frozen into a pre-selected shape. Then it’s fried. And then you eat an ooey-gooey stick of butter that’s sure to make you sick to your stomach. There’s an Iowa State Fair version that’s dipped in cinnamon batter and served on a stick, and there’s a Texas State Fair version that’s battered and served in a ball, but either way it’s probably not great for your cholesterol.

Fried Beer

Spotted at the State Fair of Texas, are deep fried, beer-filled pretzel ravioli. And while it may have won the “Most Creative Award” in 2010, it’s definitely not on our list of “must-try foods.” The pretzel dough ravioli filled with beer is fried for under 30 seconds, which means the beer is still liquid when its served up. So we want to know: do you eat it or drink it?

Fried Jelly Beans

If you’re actually a fan of a chewy candy that tastes like wax and cough syrup, you might be tempted to try fried jelly beans. Dipped in funnel cake batter, the candy is deep fried and served up. Not only is it just plain gross, but the jelly beans stay as hot as you can imagine they would and are a definite burn hazard for your esophagus.

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