How Clean Oil Makes Food Taste Better

How Clean Oil Makes Food Taste Better

Do you manage or work in a restaurant that uses a deep fryer in the kitchen?  Are you aware that taking care of the oil in your fryer directly affects the taste of your food?  It does, and it’s important.  If you want your food to taste it’s best and your customers to keep coming back for more, you need to take care of your oil.

Here are some of the best tips for caring for your deep fryer oil:

  1. When changing out your oil, don’t forget to clean your heating elements.  The heating elements are submerged directly into your fryer oil for maximum heat transfer.  In order to keep them working properly and to avoid any cold spots in your fryer, make sure to vigorously brush them to get any particles and sediment off before you add the new oil.  This will ensure proper and even heating of your oil.
  2. Control the temperature.  Every oil has an ideal cooking temperature range, so all kitchen staff should make sure that the oil is heated correctly.  Cooking with too high a temperature causes the oil to break down rapidly and burn, which transfers a funky taste to your food.  If you use your oil at the correct temperature, it will last longer and food will taste better.
  3. Filter the oil regularly.  To remove sediments and food particles from the oil that break it down and alter the taste of food, regular filtering is required.  Some restaurants filter after breakfast, lunch, and at closing.  Others filter once at the end of the day.  For busier locations, twice a day is probably the best choice.  Regular filtering also helps to extend oil life and retain good food flavor.
  4. Change the oil regularly.  All oils break down over time, and when heated, they break down even faster.  When your oil is dark brown and starts to smell and smoke, it’s probably too late.  You need to get that oil changed out.  Most busy restaurants change out their fryer oil every week, but some stretch it out to two.  Changing your oil will extend the life of your fryer and give your customers the flavor they expect.

For any restaurant that uses a deep fryer in the kitchen, maintaining the fryer oil is an important activity.  To keep your deep fryer in best working condition, and have your food taste the best it can, you should cook at the correct temperature, filter the oil at least daily, and change the oil out regularly.

Schedule Your Deep Fryer for Maintenance

The experts at Advanced Fryer Solutions (Fryer King) are trained to manage your cooking oil from delivery to removal so you can focus on what’s important – your team and your food.

To get your deep fryer on a regularly scheduled maintenance program, or for help with cleaning or other maintenance issues, contact us and get the most out of your cooking oil. Schedule a FREE demo below.


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