How Can I Reuse My Cooking Oil?

How Can I Reuse My Cooking Oil?

As a restaurant or small eatery owner, you know that properly maintaining a fryer in your restaurant is a smart business practice. Not only does it save dollars, but it makes sense when it comes to safety in your kitchen. But are you disposing of your oil in the most economically smart way? What are your options when it comes to reusing or exchanging your cooking oil? Do you filter and reuse the oil until it begins to affect the flavor of the food? Do you swap out for fresh oil every month or so after a deep cleaning? Most important of all, what should you do with all that waste cooking oil when it is time to dispose of it? These are all important questions that affect the operating cost, environmental impact, and quality of food prepared in your kitchen.

Here are some options to reuse and recycle your cooking oil responsibly:

Filter and Reuse

Many restaurants filter their cooking oil to remove all debris and food particles that may build up in between cleanings. These burnt-crunchy-bits (I like to refer to them as BCBs) will create a rancid, sour aftertaste if they are not removed from cooking oil before batches are submitted.

Cooking oil can be reused for extended periods of time without developing these added flavors, but the oil must be drained and run through a filter when draining to remove all particulates, or the oil will quickly become unusable, requiring complete replacement with fresh cooking oil.

The experts at Advanced Fryer Solutions are trained to manage your cooking oil from delivery to removal so you can focus on what’s important – your team and your food.

Fresh Oil Replacement

To maintain the highest standards of quality and flavor, some restaurants completely replace all cooking oil on a regular basis to maintain freshness and clarity. However, if your business runs several large fryers, this complete replacement model is definitely a costly model, and it will cut into your bottom line quickly. Fortunately, even with fresh oil replacement, there is a way to earn some money back on the oil that you are draining and disposing of each month.

Used Cooking Oil Recycling

Numerous businesses around the country and the world buy used cooking oil to use or re-sell to refineries to create biofuels like biodiesel and other compounds to power vehicles, generate heat, and provide light and electricity for homes. These used oil collection businesses will often come directly to you to drain your fryers at the appropriate time each month, and instead of charging for removal, they pay you to take your used cooking oil away. Recycling used cooking oil is also more environmentally friendly than traditional dumping, and you can rest easy in the knowledge that your used oil is not clogging drains or seeping into groundwater via land fills.

As a leader in cooking oil filtration and fryer management services, Filta aims to make your food taste better and kitchen safer all while being environmentally conscious.

Ultimately, you as the business owner, will make the final call regarding how to preserve your oil, replace it, and dispose of it. Do what’s right for your business, your community, and the environment, and contact a cooking oil removal service today to start safely and profitably disposing of your used cooking oil today.

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