Fryer Maintenance from The Fryer King

Fryer Maintenance from The Fryer King

America loves its deep fried food, and here in Cleveland we have plenty of it! Whether you’re deep frying food in your restaurant, bar, hotel, or even your home – chances are your fryer is a real workhorse. But all that fried deliciousness takes quite a toll on your fryer. Neglecting the maintenance of your fryer and your fryer oil is quite dangerous. To keep everyone in your kitchen safe, happy, and frying away, here are a few steps you should be taking every day to ensure your food tastes great and the kitchen staff stays safe.

Everyday Fryer Maintenance

-Clean the heating elements of your fryer whenever the oil is filtered or changed

Every time you drain or filter the oil from your fryer, you must clean the heating ribbons, elements, and any other heating component that is submerged in oil during operation. Brush them clean with a brush, and scrub food crumbs and any other particulates off the fry-pot walls.

-Wipe the exterior of your fryer at the end of each day

When closing up shop for the night, take time to clean the exterior of a commercial fryer, and pay particular attention to cleaning the rim around the fry vat. While this may seem like a mostly cosmetic issue, it is actually a worker safety consideration. When oil drizzles from the top of the vat to the floor, you have created a serious slip-and-fall hazard.

-Clean fry baskets daily

Part of the daily closing routine should be removing the fry baskets from the vats at the end of the day and running them through the dishwasher. Allow them to dry fully overnight before putting them back in the fryer again. Even small droplets of water can cause dangerous splattering when exposed to hot oil.

 -Thoroughly clean your fryer quarterly

Ideally, hiring a professional would be the best way to ensure your fryer is being properly cleaned. It also eliminates risk of injury to you or your staff in the process.

If you’re cleaning the fryer yourself, don’t boil it out. Instead of using a boil-out technique to clean out your deep fryer, try to use a mixture of one-half cup of white vinegar and warm water. Place that mixture inside your fryer and let it sit for approximately five minutes. Then use a restaurant grade brush to scrub the fryer clean. It may take longer than a boil-out cleaning but your kitchen will be a safer place as a result.

-Thoroughly inspect your fryer once a year

Every year, you should perform the manufacturer recommended inspection procedure for your fryer. Check all fittings to make sure they are snug, and make sure that there are no leaks in the fry pot. If it’s loose, tighten it up. If it’s worn out, replace it.

Contact The Fryer King for Fryer Maintenance

Following these simple procedures consistently will mean providing you and your diners with delicious fried foods and will extend the life of your fryer. If you haven’t yet done so, start the process, train your staff well, and enjoy the many safe and happy meals to come.


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