Get Rid of the Grease Dumpster and Go Green Instead!

Get Rid of the Grease Dumpster and Go Green Instead!

Running a successful restaurant is a constant juggling act. Between trying to make your job easy and safe, and maintaining the bottom line, you have a lot going on. And if frying is a main part of your business, then commercial grease disposal is likely a big part of your everyday workflow, as well as a major line item in your budget. But what would you do if you didn’t have to deal with your grease dumpster at all?

You Could Go Green With a Recycling Dumpster Instead

If you didn’t have to take up precious space on the exterior of your restaurant with your grease dumpster, you could replace it with a commercial recycling dumpster instead. Then you could go green by recycling those empty oil containers, outdated menus, empty bottles, empty shipping containers, and shredded office documents.

Going green in this way could even give you a boost in business with environmentally conscious customers, help your company make a little extra cash with a local recycling company, and make the health inspector a little happier without having to deal with the grease dumpster at all.

Never Deal with The Mess of Commercial Grease Disposal

In fact, if you got rid of the commercial grease dumpster, you wouldn’t really have to deal with commercial grease disposal in your day-to-day work life at all. You would simply use the oil from a bulk oil containment system and avoid dealing with the empty oil containers, the mess, and the grease dumpster altogether.

But wait, what about your used cooking oil? What happens to all of the mess? We’ve got an answer for you and it’s way more simple than you think. The team at Advanced Fryer Solutions is highly trained in the dangers and the mess of getting rid of used fryer oil, and we can take care of the mess and lower your bottom line.

But How? Grease Disposal Made Simple

Advanced Fryer Solutions is a local business that works directly with restaurant management to simplify your grease disposal process. Instead of storing your frying oil in a grease dumpster, our team can help you get rid of it without all of the mess.

By implementing our service, you can save your staff time and energy, lower the health and safety risks that are associated with commercial grease disposal, and lower your bottom line. In the process, you’ll be able to get rid of your commercial grease dumpster and take this huge stress off of your list of things to worry about.

Be Free of Your Commercial Grease Dumpster

As a busy restauranteur, you have a million details on your mind from staffing the restaurant to updating the menu with new seasonal dishes. The last thing you want to be worried about is dealing with commercial grease disposal.

At Advanced Fryer Solutions, we want to take care of the dirty work and help you lower your bottom line all at the same time. If you want to get rid of grease dumpster, contact our team now.


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