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As a leader in cooking oil filtration and fryer management services, Filta aims to make your food taste better and kitchen safer all while being environmentally conscious.

When you work with FiltaFry, your technician becomes your partner in ensuring fresh fried foods and a safe kitchen. Filta provides onsite, full service fryer management including microfiltration of cooking oil and vacuum based cleaning of deep fryers

The benefits of a Filtafry include:

  • Increased life of used cooking oil
  • Removal of 99% of Carbon from Fryer
  • Consistently Cleaner Fryers
  • No Down Time
  • Reduced Accident and Insurance Claims
  • No More Boil Outs
  • Improved Food Quality
  • Possible Increase of Employee Retention
  • Reduced Kitchen Odors

Cooking oil has a finite life and is inconvenient to store and remove once you are done using it. Filtabio lets us immediately collect and remove it safely from your site and in most cases without waste oil drums or containers which can lead to unwanted issues including rats.

After the waste vegetable oil has been collected, the oil is purified and sent to be made into biodiesel, the safe and environmentally friendly alternative to petrochemical based diesel. Biodiesel helps the planet by:

  • Reducing over-all truck emissions by 70%
  • Eliminating acid rain-causing sulfur emissions
  • Displacing cancer and asthma-causing diesel fumes
  • Creating local jobs and more local energy independence

Skip the hassle of ordering cooking oil and let us handle your fresh cooking oil supply. Two convenient options for your kitchen:

  • Filta Oil Box Supply: Trans Fat Free cooking oil supplied in traditional containers.
  • Filta Eco-Tank Delivery: The same Trans Fat Free cooking oil, but pumped straight from an onsite tank.

Do you have issues with unwanted condensation, strong smells, and quickly perishing produce in your walk-in coolers? Then look no further than FiltaCool – made of natural minerals that absorb unwanted moisture and smells while keeping produce fresher 50% longer.