How You’re Wasting a Ton of Time Dealing With Your Grease

How You’re Wasting a Ton of Time Dealing With Your Grease

Your commercial grade deep fryer may be the most important piece of equipment in your kitchen. Your restaurant menu may center on various fried food items or there may only be several favorites that make up an appetizer menu. Either way, a deep fryer presents your kitchen staff with a high-maintenance routine that you must follow to preserve the safety of your kitchen and the quality of the food items you produce.

Daily Maintenance

At the end of each day, your kitchen staff needs to wipe down the surface areas of a deep fryer.

Focus on the area around the rim of a fryer vat as this is where grease droplets tend to form as grease escapes into the air each time the fryer is in use. Overlooking the presence of grease droplets can lead to an unsafe kitchen environment in the event that the grease makes its way onto the kitchen floor or countertop surfaces.

The fry baskets can go into a dishwasher for a deep cleaning once a day. Make sure the baskets are dry before placing them back on the fryer. Any drops of water that fall into the hot oil below the baskets will cause the oil to splatter. It creates the potential for a burn or scarring injury to occur.

Grease Trap Maintenance

To clean out the grease trap you must remove the dowel inside of the trap that collects the grease. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, you must measure and record how many inches of grease are inside that dowel. The fatty oils and grease, or FOG, measurement goes into a record book that the health inspector may check at any time.

You must then properly dispose of the grease in a heavy duty plastic container. Avoid pouring it down the sink drain or tossing it in the trash by itself. Grease buildup can damage your plumbing when you attempt to rinse it down the drain. It can also come in contact with harmful substances inside the trash, prompting a chemical reaction to occur that can be dangerous to you or anyone that comes near the trash bag as a result.

Maintaining a grease trap is a time consuming and expensive process that you must keep up with to be a restaurant in good standing with the health department. Any time you physically handle grease there is the potential for serious injury to occur as well. For that reason, you should consider using a third party service that handles grease trap maintenance for you. That company will clean out your grease trap, safely dispose of the grease and keep your FOG records on your behalf. It is a simpler, cost-effective solution to having a deep fryer in your kitchen.

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